Requesting a Quotation From a Nut Retainers Manufacturer

The moment you come across potential nut retainer suppliers, how will you approach them?

The most important question you need to ask is “how much?” However, before requesting for a quotation from a supplier, take some time to organize your thoughts so you will know which questions you should ask. Preparing a well-thought email will increase the likelihood of getting a response and more accurate information.

Here are a number of very important questions to ask in your email:

What is your minimum order quantity?

First, make sure that their minimum order quantity requirement is both manageable and affordable. Based on the product and supplier, the minimum quantity can vary considerably, so it is best to go straight to the point.

What is your pricing when it comes to samples?

Prior to placing an order, you would like to see samples. Sample pricing varies, depending on the supplier and product. Some suppliers that get many requests may modify the full retail prices. Other suppliers sell samples at a discounted price, while some of them give out free samples.

What is your pricing in terms of production?

A very critical question that you should ask is how much their products cost. Perhaps you will want to request for pricing of different quantities to assess how they discount prices when more nut retainers are ordered.

How long will it take to finish the project?

Another important factor to consider is the turnaround time. Time can be crucial, depending on your type of business.

What are your terms of payment?

Most suppliers require new businesses to pay the full amount for their order. This is very important, since for ecommerce business that are just starting up, inventory is a major expense.

Requests for quotations continuously flood the emails of suppliers, and these can include those from dishonest buyers who are just testing them, therefore it is just natural for them not to respond to some requests. New ecommerce entrepreneurs usually complain about the lack of responsiveness of some suppliers.

To avoid being ignored, there are a number of things to avoid when it is your first time to reach out to nut retainer suppliers:

Lengthy emails

In your first email to a supplier, you should be clear and straight to the point. Don’t talk about yourself or your background. Your email should simply aim to evaluate whether the supplier is ideal for your business. Find out what they care about the most, if it includes the details you want to source.

Asking for too many quotes

It is not always easy for suppliers to give what you request. Just ask what is important, such as the prices of different quantities. Avoid asking more quotes than what you need. Just stick to what is required so you could assess whether the supplier is suitable for you.

Requesting a quote for a very small quantity

When you request for a quote that is below the minimum order of the nut retainers supplier, do not expect a response. If you are not sure whether your request is too small to meet this, just call them or send a short email with your question asking about their minimum order.

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